Kaloyan Gadzhev

SMA Alliance, Inc. (PINK:SMAA) May Get More Attention

by Kaloyan Gadzhev December 14, 2011

The PR says that forecasted sales for next year are estimated at $30 million. The company also claims the signing a contract with a unnamed manufacturer valued at $6 million in additional revenue. The information is a bit vague, but that is in line with previous press releases by SMAA.

At least two paid promotions are aimed at pumping SMAA. One promoter disclosed a $42.5 thousand compensation, and the other one - $2.5 thousand. In both cases a third party paid for the promotional services.

SMAA has been reporting revenue growth and net income for a while. The numbers aren't too impressive, but if the company's forecasts are anywhere near accurate it could become a profitable enterprise.

SMAA_logo.jpgHowever, traders and investors should keep in mind that SMAA is in the habit of announcing seemingly positive news with very few details, and there is, as usual, a lot of risk involved.

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