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SMA Alliance, Inc. (PINK:SMAA) May Get More Attention

by Kaloyan Gadzhev December 14, 2011
SMAA_chart.pngSMA Alliance, Inc. (PINK:SMAA, SMAA message board) is an auto dealer marketing company which has been reporting positive results, but the stock hasn't been too popular on the market. There are some promotions coming which may stir things these days.

Yesterday, SMAA closed up 6.90% at $0.062 on approximately 333 thousand shares. After the close, the company issued a press release which could also affect the market performance today.

The PR says that forecasted sales for next year are estimated at $30 million. The company also claims the signing a contract with a unnamed manufacturer valued at $6 million in additional revenue. The information is a bit vague, but that is in line with previous press releases by SMAA.

At least two paid promotions are aimed at pumping SMAA. One promoter disclosed a $42.5 thousand compensation, and the other one - $2.5 thousand. In both cases a third party paid for the promotional services.

SMAA has been reporting revenue growth and net income for a while. The numbers aren't too impressive, but if the company's forecasts are anywhere near accurate it could become a profitable enterprise.

SMAA_logo.jpgHowever, traders and investors should keep in mind that SMAA is in the habit of announcing seemingly positive news with very few details, and there is, as usual, a lot of risk involved.

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