Martin Tsvetkov

Double Attack Pumps Unity Management Group Inc (PINK:UYMG) By 25%

by Martin Tsvetkov December 15, 2011
4UYMG_chart.pngA PR combo pushed the stock of Unity Management Group Inc (PINK:UYMG) up significantly during the latest trading session.

Closing at $0.0045 per share, UYMG gained an impressive 25% yesterday when 2.7 million shares of common UYMG stock changed hands. This surge came hot on the heels of the fairly disappointing chart performance which UYMG put on the previous day. As it seems, the twenty-five-percent appreciation of UYMG is attributed to a mixture of an official press release and a full-blown paid advertising campaign.

Prior to the start of yesterday's trading session, the company announced that it had sold its PZ Uno Tablet Press for $0.5 million to an undisclosed purchaser who would use it for an R & D project aimed at creating a novel drug. Although no other details were mentioned due to confidentiality reasons, a carbon copy of its contents appeared in a paid promotional email which reached our database immediately. As for the result, see the previous paragraph.

UYMG's long-awaited quarterly report for the period ended Sept. 30, 2011 saw the light of day on Dec. 12, i.e the day on which UYMG stock went down 14%. The document showed:

  • $5,800 of cash;
  • working capital deficit in excess of $2.3 million;
  • sales revenues of $196 thousand;
  • quarterly net loss of $150K.

43UYMG_logo.gifNot surprisingly, investors' response to such figures was unambiguous. And while yesterday's news might have given the company a breath of fresh air on the charts, UYMG's managers will have to go the extra mile to earn the support of market players.

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1. ekaterina1
December 19, 2011, 06:22AM

Quotes Thanks for the notice done! We have made all appropriate adjustments in our data base.

2. editor
December 15, 2011, 12:41PM

Quotes Good Afternoon,

I am the Editor for FN Media Group which owns the online brand, I was just forwarded this link regarding the Unity Management Group, Inc. (UYMG.PK) news release issued yesterday. Please note the compensation you are stating in the amount of $25,000 is incorrect and we respectfully request you update this site to reflect FN Media Group was compensated $2,500 for disseminating UYMG's press release. I appreciate your cooperation in advance.

FNM Editor

3. smcollins109
December 15, 2011, 11:16AM

Quotes Like the idea your "policing" the pinks & BB plays, but you did get wrong info about the PR push you mentioned for UYMG. I was sent alerts from financialnewsmedia and investorideas but i see the paid amounts different that yours. This was taken from one of their disclaimer

"For current services performed for Unity Management Group, Inc. (OTC: UYMG), FNMG has been compensated twenty-five hundred dollars by the company to disseminate its news. FNMG HOLDS NO SHARES OF Unity Management Group, Inc. (OTC: UYMG)"

Where did you see $25,000?

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