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Advertisers of Abot Mining Co (PINK:ABOT) Receive $1.5 Million for Promotion

by Peter Hristov December 19, 2011
ABOT_chart.pngAbot Mining Co (PINK:ABOT, ABOT message board) finished the last session on a significantly higher volume than usual. The increased trading activity was most likely due to the market awareness campaign which was marked by three trade alerts issued in the middle of the session on Friday.

The trade alerts came from Stock Mister, Penny Pic and Insane Stocks. The disclosure of Stock Mister indicated that he had been compensated $10,000 by a third party whose name was not revealed. The promoter also states that he expected to receive additional compensation which had not yet been determined. It also turned out that Stock Mister had been previously hired to conduct a one week marketing program on ABOT for $35,000 by FIT LLC.

The disclaimer of Insane Stocks and Penny Pic's newsletters was even more interesting. It revealed that an affiliate of the two Burning_Dollar2.jpgpromoters called Free Penny Alerts had been paid $1.5 million by a non affiliate third party Bahadur Investment Inc for marketing and advertising services for a one month profile of ABOT.

The distribution of the promo letters apparently manged to attract more attention to the stock as the trading volume exploded on Friday. The number of traded shares exceeded 161 million and at the end of the session ABOT stock had risen 220% to $0.048 up from $0.015.

Apparently the promotion is not over yet as yesterday afternoon another newsletter arrived in our database. The issuer was Shazam Stocks but this time the disclaimer did not clarify whether the promoter had received any compensation or not.

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