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GolfGear Intl Inc (PINK:GEAR): An Old PR Song to an Old Tune

by Martin Tsvetkov December 20, 2011
2GEAR_chart.pngA recap of the business activities of GolfGear Intl Inc (PINK:GEAR) was published in the form of an official press release yesterday clearly aimed to give GEAR stock a substantial boost. Promoters also took advantage of the PR as it provided a solid basis for their promotional newsletters.

Basically, what GEAR actually did was to summarize a couple of its past press releases into a new one. As a result, GEAR stock went up approx. 10% to close the session at $0.0247 per share. A total of 474 thousand shares of common GEAR stock changed hands. Thus, GEAR put on a positive performance for the second time in a row. Nevertheless, the current value of GEAR stock still remains nowhere near its 52-week high of $0.18 reached in late September. Nor has it managed to regain what it lost on Dec. 12 when the company's stock slumped by a staggering 61% falling from $0.05 to $0.0195 per share.

Now, let us go back to the promotional issue. As it is, a stock promoter claims to have previously been compensated for profiling GEAR stock. Instead of monetary compensation, however, the promoter has received 140 thousand free trading shares of GEAR stock at an average price of about $0.0322 per share. Considering that GEAR is currently traded at around $0.024 per share, it will most probably need another boost in order to go the extra mile. Should such a scenario become a reality, the promoter in question will waste no time in shorting these shares, which is why interested parties should beware of making hasty decisions.

8GEAR_logo.gifThe numerous recent stock cancellations have allowed for a major decrease of GEAR's O/S thus making it more attractive to potential investors. The same goes for the acquisition of Western Sierra Mining Corp. Yet, GEAR managers will hardly gain wider investor support unless they start generating revenues from its property assets. A.s.a.p.

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1. Guest
December 29, 2011, 06:04PM

Quotes Interesting Article on GEAR. Another problem is that they have no agreement with Western Sierra in terms of taking over management. What they have is a JV agreement and they share management. If they take over WSRA they would need to buy shares or bring a project big enough to justify it. If you look at WSRA volume they are clearly not buying shares.

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