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STRATTON HOLDINGS IN (PINK:STHG) Gains On Promotions And The Same Old Promises

by Nelly Shishkova August 5, 2010
STRATTON HOLDINGS IN (PINK:STHG) trades at huge volume again. This week it even exceeded 85 million shares traded and it image156.pngstill keeps the high values.

Not much news on the company has been released recently, so obviously it is only the promotions that make the stock highly demanded. STHG has been promoted five times this month, after being promoted many times before. Though, the price moves up and down all the time and yesterday  the stock lost 4.41% on the market. Apparently, the investors are not much enthusiastic about the stock  price movement.

Meanwhile, Stratton Holdings continues to publish positive announcements on its mobile application and optimistic expectations for the future. However, these are only projections and are still not proved.

0Stratton_logo.jpgIn July, STHG reported that the previous accredited investors are no longer shareholders of the company. According to this announcement, Stratton Holdings intends to make use of Rule 504, though the company will need to file a new "Form D" with the SEC, which again remains uncertain.

The financial condition of the company appears to be disastrous. Its report states that "75% of all capital raised will be used towards the previously accrued debts", and that there is "a serious ongoing concern for the continuation of the company".

Apart from the negative financial results, Stratton Holdings continues to make optimistic projections on its revenues and claims that the results are to be seen "over the next couple of months".

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