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AlphaTrade.com (USA) (OTC:APTD) Stock Is Finally Spiked

by Ekaterina Zelenkova August 11, 2010
APTD_price_chart_100810.jpgYesterday, bringing delight to all stock promoters and to some investors, AlphaTrade.com (USA) (OTC:APTD) stock finally spiked. APTD shares surged 82.14%, continuing the promo pathos and being further strongly demanded.

According to the disclosures about yesterday's APTD stock promotions, one of the promoters increased the price of their promotional services in order to support the huge spike.

The "Free Investment report" will receive $565,000 to perform promotional and advertising services for the company. The compensation for one week of promoting will be paid not APTD, but by a third party, namely White Frog Investments, Ltd.

All the other three promoters involved in yesterday's campaign will be paid $200 thousand each. Again, a third party will bear the costs of the promotional and advertising services for APTD shares.

Since the end of July, APTD has a busy promotional period with one stock promotion following the other. Yesterday, one of the targets seemed to have been achieved. APTD stock noted a huge jump on a heavy volume.

Last week, a prophetic press release conveyed to investors that according to the company's projections, "the current share prices may improve to .02 to .025". The spike yesterday confirmed that a jump to the "target" price is actually possible. If that were just projections, the company's latest financial report is available since yesterday and could be a good base for some further outlines about the future price of the shares.

7APTD_from_the_site.pngDespite the realized net income for the first half of this year, APTD revenues declined 33% and 43% over the three and six months ended this June as compared to the same periods of last year.

The balance sheet structure shows huge discrepancies between the company's total assets and total liabilities. APTD has total assets of $558,000 and total liabilities of $6,6 million.

This June, APTD increased its authorized number of shares of common stock from 300,000,000 to 5,000,000,000. Not mentioning the dilution problem, let us take a look at the recent improvements in APTD debt structure. APTD issued 4,000,000,000 common shares to pay out the $3,2 million of related party debt for the officer death benefit.

Even with that measure, considering the new ownership structure, APTD's balance sheet will still not be harmonic. Harmonic remain only APTD stock promotions, which with spikes like the one from yesterday, may destroy the harmonic investment plans of some investors.

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