Peter Hristov

Investors Remain Indifferent to the Advertising of Frogads Inc (OTC:FROG)

by Peter Hristov December 30, 2011
FROG_chart.pngYesterday Frogads Inc (OTC:FROG, FROG message board) received a promotional coverage before the start of the trading session.

However, there were few signs that FROG was undergoing a paid awareness camping. The trading volume remained close to the daily average with less than 60 thousand shares traded.

The share price was oscillating around the previous close mark but at the end of the session it finished 2.38% higher at $0.43.

The short activity during the day was low. The data published by FINRA shows that 20,300 shares were exchanged in short transactions which is 36% of the total volume on Thursday.

FROG_logo.jpgThe marketing awareness campaign was led by Small Cap Network. The distribution of the promotional newsletter and other advertising services had been ordered by Lake Media for the amount of $9,000.

FROG managed to keep its trading channel around $0.04 even though the trading volume tapered off in the last couple of weeks. However, FROG has just started trading regularly so technical speculators will find it difficult to make adequate prognoses on the stock at this stage.

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