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The Answer For the Rise Of South Shore Resources, Inc. (PINK:SSHO) Stock

by Ekaterina Zelenkova August 17, 2010
SSHO_price_chart.jpgWhile South Shore Resources, Inc. (PINK:SSHO, SSHO message board) promotes the HyProStar Series of some Hydrogen Generating Modules, their stock is breaking all records on stock promotional campaigns.

Yesterday, SSHO shares surged 47.50% on 9.4M volume traded. There is no mistake. With an average trading volume of 3K, SSHO stock became suddenly one of the most popular investment opportunities available on the stock market.

SSHO, being in the development stage for twenty years now, noted yesterday the highest share turnover for its entire corporate history.

Though, according to the disclosure, the budget of the stock promotion for SSHO was in thousands, not in millions. The company's stock was promoted for a compensation of only 5K by only one promoter.

Apart from the above mentioned promotional disclosure, a more detailed inquiry shows that SSHO stock alerts were widely spread before the date of the promotion, and they were generated by a few stock marketing websites.

SSHO_from_the_site.pngBut the rising SSHO stock has already had a similar stock promotional campaign last summer. About a year ago, SSHO share were again rushed by promoters, but the present strong volume results could not be achieved at that time. As the chart here presents, SSHO stock appeared then more valuable, but as it happens during stock promotions, for a short time.

All the company's releases about LOI for millions and about testing and verification of HyProStar Series of Hydrogen Generating Modules sound like they are aimed to spice up the stock promotional menu.

the outcome of this year's stock promotion is not known. Known are only the officially disclosed unaudited financial reports of the company.

For the period from March 30, 1990 (Inception) to June 30, 2010, SSHO reports operating expenses of $20.47M and a net loss of $20.68M. One of the most impressive thing in this report is that for the above mentioned period the company has issued stocks for services rendered for the amount of $13.45M. Strangely, although the company has never been generating any sales for its twenty years of development, it succeeded to report $1,550 in revenue.

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