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Aqualiv Technologies, Inc. (OTC:AQLV) Climbs Up at Full Speed

by Nelly Shishkova January 6, 2012
Aqualiv Technologies, Inc. (OTC:AQLV) is moving up at top speed this week. Yesterday, the stock added another 74.60% AQLV_chart.pngwhile trading over 45 million shares on the market.

Considering the latest news, accompanied by promotions, the massive trade seems natural for AQLV.

The campaign was held just yesterday, when AQLV got promoted by SmallCapStockPlays in order to secure the stock price. However, there also was another factor to pump it up in advance.

A couple of days ago, Aqualiv Technologies Inc. (formerly known as Infrared Systems International) acquired all of the outstanding shares of Focus Systems, Inc, which certainly inspired traders. And today the positive announcements continue.

Aqualiv has just reported that they have received a Conditional Commitment Letter from an undisclosed investment group intending to provide the company with $50 million in working capital. The financing is still to come, though all of the terms and fees have been agreed upon.

Apparently, AQLV has double secured its chart position. However, there is another interesting fact on the company. Last month, AQLV jumped up 390% on the same funding commitment and now the news is released again. Shall we read it once again next month?

Aqualiv_logo.jpgUnfortunately, financials of Aqualiv don't look that promising. Despite the fact that the company's assets have increased, its deficit totaled $1.7 million and the net loss jumped up.

Due to their limited working capital and limited revenues, AQLV expressed substantial doubt about their ability to continue as a going concern. Thus, Board of Directors continue investigating merger and acquisition opportunities, as well as other sources of cash flow.

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1. Guest
January 06, 2012, 10:55AM

Quotes Do your research before you post false information. They didn't release news posting 50 million in finance twice. They also acquired all the outstanding shares of Focus Systems ONE YEAR AGO. You didn't bother to read the filings.

2. Guest
January 06, 2012, 10:41AM

Quotes this article is total B.S.

3. Guest
January 06, 2012, 10:30AM

Quotes they didn't released any statement about the 50 mil financing twice.

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