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Xynergy Holdings Inc (PINK:XYNH) Stock Is “X” Energized On Alerts

by Ekaterina Zelenkova August 24, 2010
XYNH_price_chart.jpgThese days, Xynergy Holdings Inc (PINK:XYNH, XYNH message board) stock surges quickly up on the company's announcements about the acquired Simply Distribution, LLC.

As a result, last Thursday XYNH shares simply jumped 83.33% up on a colossal volume.

Since yesterday, a new “stock alerts X energizing technology” attracts investors who want to further experience the joy of the huge gains.

If the first XYNH rush was noted last week, the second successful one was noted yesterday.

For those who like numbers, XYNH added for the second time exactly 83.33% to its value, but on a "x" times higher colossal volume traded. During the session, more than 112 million shares changed hands. This was fourteen times the average volume traded for XYNH.

XYNH_from_the_site.pngThe utilized by some stock marketing newsletters "stock alerts X energizing technology" already showed positive results, making XYNH stock one of the most demanded stocks these days.

As of today, there are no disclosures about XYNH stock promotions, but Xynergy's shares blossomed out on some stock alerts.

Now, even the volume was improved as compared to that realized during the XYNH stock promotion last year. It is, however, unknown how long XYNH climbing up will last and how many investors will lose their invested money as XYNH stock price suddenly reverses its direction of move.

That energized XYNH performance happened on the background of the company's press releases about the acquisition of another company with a totally different business model than the one XYNH has.

Looks like investors appreciated the new XYNH business approach, related to the import and distribution of food, beer, wine and distilled spirit products. On of the possible reasons for the expansion was the revenues basis of the new business. Referring to revenues and growth, it is good to mention that the latest available XYNH financials are for the period up to last September.

Although XYNH promises to file with the SEC within the upcoming weeks, it is good to remind that the company has been de-registerd from the SEC three years ago.

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