Ekaterina Zelenkova

Peerless Systems Corp. (NASDAQ:PRLS) Stock Is Artificially Revalued

by Ekaterina Zelenkova August 30, 2010

The cash increase was primarily due to the receipt of approximately $19.2 million from the sale of marketable securities related to the company's investment in Highbury.

So, what follows? In the near future, probably another huge PRLS stock rush, following the new high that was already noted. After a while though, since the company will need cash for operations and acquisitions, the new management may decide to issue shares again, and the wheel will spin again. The only issue which is not easy to predict, is the trading range of PRLS in these future days.

Since this Friday, PRLS succeeded to jump up to the range of $3.10 - $3.22 per share thanks to the company's repurchase offer.

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