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3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (PINK:TDEY) Receives a New $35,000 Promotion

by Violeta Slavtchevska January 17, 2012
3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (PINK:TDEY, TDEY message board) finished the last trading session with a three-digit gain although it could not break the $0.01 resistance level. Today the stock will be traded under the influence of a new stock promotion. TDEY.png

Yesterday TDEY closed the session with a 166.67% increase in the share price at $0.008, while the trading volume reached 215,000 shares. Such activity is over five times higher than the daily average for the past three months, and given that it happens on no news it looks like the stock is gaining speculative interest.

Though the lack of news, technically it is the right time for another jump of TDEY share price. RSI indicator points straight up and could enter the overbought area, and MACD lines could also cross the centerline. What could really add buying pressure for TDEY in the coming session, however, is its latest promotion from last night.3D_Eye_Solutions.jpg

The promotional newsletter is paid by a third party and the compensation is $35,000 in cash. According to the disclaimer, the promotional campaign will run over a week. Third parties paying for a promotion usually have shares to dump, thus such advertising is unlikely to reverse the downtrend of TDEY stock price. Moreover, the company has no cash, large debts and no stable fundamentals in general.

3D Eye Solutions states in its latest financial report that it markets a 3D conversion technology under a 10 year license agreement, however, it is actively seeking merger and/or acquisition candidates as its current operations cannot support the business.

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