Nelly Shishkova

The Speculations In STRATTON HOLDINGS IN (PINK:STHG) Continue

by Nelly Shishkova September 1, 2010
Every time STRATTON HOLDINGS IN (PINK:STHG) falls down, it gets promoted again. That's the so called "successful policy" of theimage197.png stock, which apparently still works. The new promotion came up yesterday, along with the announcement that the company has upgraded its listing status on the pink sheets in favor of the shareholders.

As soon as the news was released, the stock started the climb again. Last week, Stratton made another optimistic announcement on their mobile subsidiary being accepted in the Apple Developer Program. Looks like the company fights to hold its market position, historically supported by optimistic news and series of promotions.

28stratton-holdings.jpgAccording to the records, every time Stratton gets promoted, its traded volume climbs up at full speed and the pink sheets company aims at the top. Over the last month, STHG has been promoted 11 times, while its price has been going up and down all the time. After yesterday's promotion, the stock soared 5.26% and over 5 million shares were sold for the day.

However, it seems that the promotions are not enough for Stratton and it keeps releasing speculative announcements on its mobile applications and on its bright future. Though, the financial condition of STHG remains completely disastrous and the company is sinking into debts and obligations. The official website of STGH remains silent, so the future of the stock can hardly be predicted.

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