Peter Hristov

Higher Price Amplitude for Abot Mining Co (PINK:ABOT)

by Peter Hristov January 25, 2012
7ABOT_chart.pngYesterday investors who monitor Abot Mining Co (PINK:ABOT, ABOT message board) may have noticed the higher daily amplitude in the share price of the company's stock.

ABOT opened the session at $0.023, dipped down to an intraday low at $0.021, and peaked at $0.029. Thus, an amplitude of $0.08 was tracked by the stock's trajectory.

Eventually, ABOT closed the session at $0.027, or 24% higher than the previous close.

The volume, however, was lower than the daily average with 6.5 million traded shares. In fact, after the expensive promotion on the company in December last year, trading ABOT_logo.jpgvolume has been gradually tapering off.

Since the start of January, ABOT has been traded below the daily average volume. Nevertheless, the average dollar volume for ABOT provides for a higher liquidity than it is typical for most small cap companies.

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