Violeta Slavtchevska

Medizone International, Inc. (OTC:MZEI) Did Not Get the Expected Reaction

by Violeta Slavtchevska January 26, 2012
Medizone International, Inc. (OTC:MZEI, MZEI message board) share price jumped to $0.23 during yesterday's trading session on twice the average trading volume. This was most probably initiated by the latest news in which the company announced a new distribution agreement, yet the traders' reaction was rather modest. 6MZEI.png

Wednesday trading session finished at $0.215 on a trading volume of 319,000 traded shares. The new closing price of MZEI is 2.87% higher than on Tuesday and the stock price looks now stable in this new trading range. MZEI jumped up from $0.12 in the middle of December last year.

Yesterday, MZEI said in a press release that it had signed a Letter of Understanding with a private Canadian company engaged in medical and veterinarian supply. Under the agreement, a newly created division of Canmedical would distribute AsepticSure in Canada. AsepticSure is a decontamination and infection control technology developed by Medizone International.

The technology should be presented right away and Canmedical had already committed to an initial order of four systems that would be delivered in the second quarter of the year.Medizone.jpg

Medizone International financials show that if the deal actually take place it would provide the company with its first sales. The market reaction yesterday did not suggest a lot of excitement, though, maybe because MZEI will need to raise new capital very soon if it is to cover its operations and pay out the accumulated liabilities.

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1. Guest
February 01, 2012, 11:26PM

Quotes The product that Medizone International is offering is of staggering importance. Once it is demonstrated it is absolutely impressive and should have a profound effect on world health once the needy parties have heard about it. Before long, hospitals will need this product to be accredited and lawsuits likely will be brought against any facility that is not properly cleansed whenever a less than sterile condition results in injury or death. The activity this business is likely to see should be almost unlimited.

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