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Invisa Inc. (INSA) – Moving as Fast as a Tortoise

by Martinas B. September 18, 2007
insa-logo.jpgInvisa Inc. (INSA), a development stage company that makes money by developing electronic sensor systems must be happy with its last quarter’s results.

With not very significant increase the company continues its growth at a tortoise speed.

During the quarter ended June 30, 2006 and 2007, product sales totaled $38,163 and $35,683, respectively.

However, cost of sales totaled $31,120 and $22,177 for the quarters ended June 30, 2006 and June 30, 2007, respectively, or 82% and 62% of related sales.

During the second quarter of 2006 and 2007 selling, general and administrative expenses totaled $425,801 and $135,999, respectively.

The company's loss for the second quarter of 2007 was $328,918, compared with $652,028 for the same quarter in 2006.

The company had negative working capital at June 30, 2007, totaling $1,274,332. At June 30, 2007 the company had $3,178 in cash and cash equivalents to fund its operations.

The Stock

At the time of polishing up this article the company's stock gained up $0.03 since previous close and arrived at a price of $0.07. However, the stock was not actively traded as it hit only a volume of 31,000.

The highest peak for the stock was back in October, 2006 when it hit a record barrier of $0.12. This summer the stock was up again and climbed to $0.10 barrier.


As of June 30th, 2007 the company had 25,497,738 shares outstanding, which puts the company's market cap to $1.78 million.

The Product

PBG-3.jpgBased in Sarasota, Florida, Invisa, Inc., engages in developing, manufacturing, marketing, and licensing rights to produce and sell electronic sensor systems that incorporate proprietary presence-sensing design and technology for the safety and security applications in the United States.

Founded in 1992, the company sells a line of SmartGate brand safety sensors, as well as develops pre-production versions of life and property presence-sensing devices for use in powered closure mechanisms.

Invisa's InvisaShield security sensors are used for museum applications, as well as for retail, industrial, commercial, defense, and government applications. It sells its products to manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and end-users.

Top Heads of Invisa Inc. (INSA)

Carl A. Parks 48Pres and Chief Operating Officer
Edmund C. King 71 Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer
Robert T. Fergusson 61 Director of Engineering
Stephen A. Michael 59 Founder and Chairman
William Hildebrand  Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing

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