Kaloyan Gadzhev

Goldsands Development Co. (OTC:GSDC) Pushed Up by an Agreement

by Kaloyan Gadzhev January 31, 2012

The companies entered into an agreement which allows Mineros to do their due diligence through Apr. 30. After the due diligence is completed Mineros will have up to 10 days to decide whether to terminate the agreement or go through with it.

There is some time until Mineros will have to decide what to do but, apparently, all the activities related to the due diligence won't cost GSDC anything, and if Mineros chooses to go on with the plan GSDC still won't have to provide significant financing.

GSDC_logo2.pngThis is definitely not bad news for GSDC shareholders. Still, it may take some time until it's clear whether it will turn out to be just temporary excitement, or in fact, something really good.

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