Nelly Shishkova

ARCADIA RESOURCES (PINK:KADR) Keeps Moving Up on No News Released

by Nelly Shishkova January 31, 2012
ARCADIA RESOURCES (PINK:KADR) has been moving up for a week already. Yesterday, the stock soared another 3.75%, while KADR_chart.pngtrading over 1.5 million shares for the day.

So far, so good. However, at this point the new uptrend has no reasonable explanation.

Arcadia has not released any news on its activities since Dec 6, last year. At that time, the company has entered into the following agreements:

(1) Asset Purchase Agreement by and among PrairieStone, the Company and Medication Adherence Solutions, LLC (the "APA"); and

(2) Secured Creditor Assignment and Release Agreement by and between HD Smith, the Company, PrairieStone and Medication Adherence Solutions, LLC (the "Secured Creditor Agreement").

KADR_logo.gifUpon the closing of the APA, Arcadia will no longer operate a pharmacy business. The company's sole remaining operating segment after the closing of the APA will be its Services segment which consists of the Home Care and Medical Staffing business.

This was the latest data issued on KADR, though since then nothing further was to follow. In any case, considering its 10-Q, Arcadia will surely need financing to cover the losses and continue its operations. Otherwise, it will keep functioning under a going concern.

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