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Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (PINK:ADCF): As Illiquid, As They Get

by Kaloyan Gadzhev February 8, 2012
ADCF_chart.pngAdvanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (PINK:ADCF, ADCF message board) has been, for the most part, a dead stock. In the last ten days there was a more active market for ADCF, but will that continue?

On Jan. 31, a press release created some excitement around ADCF, resulting in approximately 568 thousand shares changing hands. Yesterday, however, ADCF closed flat at $0.082 on just 10 thousand traded shares.

Perhaps, seeing that the interest stirred by the previous release is pretty much gone, the company decided to go for another announcement.

This is mostly a copy of the old one, except it vaguely says ADCF "anticipates" the FAA "could potentially open up domestic airspace for commercial UAV and Drone operations in the future."

It may very well turn out that ADCF is just beating a dead horse. The company's performance has been anything but inspiring or encouraging.

For the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2011 the company didn't generate a dime of revenue and recorded a loss of $71 thousand.

The promotional newsletter of PennyStockExplosion.com (PSE) is trying to push the questionable potential of ADCF to its subscribers too. The owner of PSE appears to have been a part of the successful promotional campaign for ADCF back in the beginning of 2011.

ADCF_logo.jpgWith ADCF having very little, if anything, to impress traders and shareholders, the short answer may be: No, ADCF isn't likely to turn into an actively traded stock in the short term.

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