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Clean Power Concepts, Inc. (PINK:CPOW) Jumped on the Massive Trade

by Nelly Shishkova February 10, 2012
Suddenly, Clean Power Concepts, Inc. (PINK:CPOW) jumped on the massive trade. After a few days of losses, yesterday the CPOW_chart.pngstock got back on track by soaring 39.10% and trading over 4 million shares for the day. Nevertheless, the reason for the massive gain is hard to be defined.

The only data about CPOW these days is a stock alert from yesterday. The alert stated that CPOW was going to create a stampede and traders should keep their eyes on this company for a Major Breakout.

Apparently, the optimistic statement was meant to encourage investors and to hold the current up move a bit longer. Though, the result is still to be seen.

Clean Power Concepts Inc. focuses on the production of bio-diesel and related products from crushing fuel grade oil seeds. The last news related to the company came up in December last year. The announcement reported that a Certificate of Default Judgment in the amount of $2,948.38 (CDN) has been entered against Clean Power Concepts Inc.

The Judgment has been rendered in the matter of a series of timely disclosure press releases that were issued for CPOW on behalf of Inc., where remuneration for said services were not met by the Defendant. Though, no defense has been filed and no further data was to follow.

CPOW_logo.jpgLast September, CPOW filed a notification of late filing stating that its 10-Q report for the quarter ended July 31, 2011 could not be filed within the prescribed period because the company was unable to compile certain information required in order to permit Clean Power to file a timely and accurate report on the company's financial condition.

Regarding the annual report of CPOW, the situation is rather disturbing there. The 10-K for the year ended April 30, 2011 is full of risk factors and losses that are expected to continue during this year. Besides, the management claimed that there is no assurance CPOW will be able to generate sufficient revenues or obtain sufficient funds necessary to succeed in its new business venture.

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