Peter Hristov

Promotional Surprise for Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp (OTC:MFTH) Investors

by Peter Hristov February 14, 2012
2MFTH_chart.pngThe main news for today in regard to Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp (OTC:MFTH, MFTH message board) is the announced share buyback program.

The announcement was made yesterday after the end of the trading session. However, it appears that certain market participants have foreboded the announcement and as a result the stock value rose 63% on a volume slightly higher than the daily average.

Its seems, though, that the real fireworks show has been planned for today as numerous promotional newsletters have been sprouting like mushrooms after rain since the last closing bell.

4MFTH_logo.pngSo far, our database has registered five promo letters issued by different promoting websites. The most expensive newsletter came from The Stock Psycho who disclosed a compensation of $45,000. According to the disclaimer, the money was paid by an entity called Hapsiga Change - Adler Albert.

Our readers can check our newsletter section for a more comprehensive list of MFTH promoters.

Basically, the question is, can MFTH stock explode today due to the issued news and promo letters?

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