Martin Tsvetkov

The Unexpected Upward Journey of Golfgear International, Inc. (PINK:GEAR)

by Martin Tsvetkov February 17, 2012
1GEAR_chart.pngIf you take a look at the recent chart performance of Golfgear International, Inc. (PINK:GEAR), you will easily notice that the GEAR's market surge for the last few sessions seems rather flawless, which would have been pretty good had it not been for the total informational eclipse that has been surrounding the company for the last two months or so.

Closing at $0.034 per share, GEAR gained $0.010, or 41.67% in value, its third gigantic leap over the last five trading days. In addition, GEAR had consecutively gained 80% and 37% beforehand. As many as 1.6 million shares of common GEAR stock changed hands yesterday, up 143% from its 30-day average trading volume.

Neither news, nor paid promotions appear to have a stake in GEAR's recent run. The last time a corporate update surfaced was on Dec. 19, which is also the date of the latest paid advertising campaign in support of GEAR stock. No updates have come up since then.

6GEAR_logo.gifIn the light of the current situation, GEAR's future market performance will most probably remain as unpredictable as it could possibly be. At least, this is what traders will expect unless they lay their hands on some really promising company news.

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