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Warrior Gril Corp. (PINK:WRGL) Pulls Out All the Stops to Ensure Market Growth

by Martin Tsvetkov February 20, 2012
8WRGL_chart.pngA string of new press releases and a free trade alert is all that Warrior Gril Corp. (PINK:WRGL) needed to take investors by storm within just a couple of trading days.

Closing at $0.057 per share, WRGL gained $0.025, or 78.12% in value, its ninth rise over the last 10 sessions and highest close since October, 2010. The huge spike in volume, on the other hand, was all the more impressive as a record-breaking 10.9 million shares changed hands by the end of the last session, marking a 3-year high for the company.

Established in 2002, Warrior Girl Corp. is a small-cap company which specializes in acquiring high-potential entities offering B2C operations, financial services, web hosting, social media and other web services. Last Thursday, the company launched a new social media web portal called "Social Live" which is expected to build on the phenomenal success of Facebook.

Prior to that, WRGL had published as many as 5 press releases within the first two weeks of February alone - three acquisitions, a new CEO appointment and an IR contract.

WRGL_logo.jpgWRGL's prolific updates naturally paved the way for a non-paid promotional email which flooded investors' mailboxes on Thursday night. Not surprisingly, this effort, along with the promising news, appears to be the driving force behind the rapid chart growth WRGL has experienced for the last two weeks or so.

Provided that WRGL's acquisitions bare fruit in due course, its market value will most probably continue to appreciate. Otherwise, WRGL will crash down as quick as it shot up, leaving many investors disappointed.

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