Nelly Shishkova

WARRIOR GIRL CORP (PINK:WRGL) Continues The Gain On Promotions

by Nelly Shishkova October 19, 2010

Next, Warior announced that Jason Kumpf, CEO of the company, has appeared on "The Bill Chippas Radio Show" to talk about their innovative online educational business and future prospects. Apparently, the announcement was considered as another good news on the company and provoked the investors' attention.

ACES_pic.jpgAdvanced Career Education Services offers the educational services of a fully licensed U.S. high school and also provides a fast track program for people that have successfully completed a good portion of their high school education, but yet have fallen short of receiving their high school diploma. From mid-July till the beginning of September this year WRGL was on a low trade, though after that the stock entered an uptrend.

However, the company's financials look quite discouraging. Warrior has generated no revenues and its assets totaled about $125 thousand, a bit lower than its liabilities. Besides, by end-June WRGL has registered an accumulated deficit of over $128 thousand and the company has no sufficient cash to cover it.

According to the company's quarterly report, "the management anticipates generating revenue through its recent acquisition", while in the meantime the major shareholders of Warrior "have indicated commitment to fund the operations of the Company" until it generates cash flow from operations.

Currently, Warrior still holds the gains, but mostly on optimistic news and promotions.

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