Violeta Slavtchevska

KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (PINK:KMAG) Trading Volume Reached a Multi-Year High

by Violeta Slavtchevska February 23, 2012
In the last trading session the stock of KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (PINK:KMAG, KMAG message board) surged sharply up on the highest trading volume for the past three years. It looks like it is caused by the large number of shorters that came into the market to trade KMAG. KMAG.png

The total gain for the session yesterday was 57.14% and KMAG closed the market at $0.0011 for a share. Total trading volume of 146.7 million shares was the highest for the past three years but as it happens without any fundamental reason it is most likely due to speculative trading of KMAG shares.

KMAG has been on a severe downtrend since the start of November last year and it reached a new 3-year low just several days ago. Yesterday the share price broke a resistance level, but for companies like KMA Global that is not really a reliable signal that a reversal of the trend would follow.

Short data by FINRA indicates rather the opposite. From the whole 146.7 million traded shares yesterday 64 million were shorted. On Tuesday, the portion of short sales was nearly 30% and it was also significant at the end of last week. Such data indicate traders expects a further decline for KMAG rather than recovery.KMA_Global_Solutions.jpg

KMA Global Solutions bears the red STOP No Information mark on the OTC Market since it has not provided current financial and operational results. Current information that could have initiated a share price increase is not available even in the form of press releases.

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February 27, 2012, 01:39PM

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