Peter Hristov

Conflict of Interest Caused by a Promotion of ITonis Inc. (PINK:ITNS)

by Peter Hristov February 27, 2012
3ITNS_chart.pngFrancis Theodore Dudley III may be a completely unknown company for market investors. However, it will soon be well known among investors who monitor ITonis Inc. (PINK:ITNS, ITNS message board).

According to our database, Theodore Dudley III had ordered a two-day promotional campaign of ITNS for no less than $60,000. The compensation had been collected by The Stock Psycho who is leading the underlying promotion of ITonis.

The Stock Psycho, on his part, issued a trade alert yesterday afternoon exulting at the current technical set-up of the stock. However, in a smaller font at the 4ITNS_logo.jpgbottom of the newsletter the promoter admired the letter represented a "major conflict of interest" because of the received compensation.

The very promoted also points out that "The investor relations marketing may be as brief as one day, after which a large decrease in volume and share price is likely to occur."

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