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Third Party Invests $3 Thousand to Pump the Stock of (OTC:CIIX)

by Martin Tsvetkov March 5, 2012
CIIX_chart.gifOn Feb. 29, 2012, (OTC:CIIX, CIIX message board) submitted an S-1 Form with regard to the registration of an additional 2 million shares of common CIIX stock, thus diluting its stockholders. CIIX has since remained stable on the charts and is just about to be pumped in the forthcoming session.

Last Friday, CIIX closed trading at $1.13, keeping what it had gained on Thursday. A total of 13,318 shares changed hands, which is slightly higher than the three-month average volume. As it is, third parties have remained dissatisfied with this development, which is why a few promotional emails worth a total of $3 thousand reached our database yesterday. Needless to say, they form a promotional campaign aimed at giving CIIX a boost today. is a provider of web-based financial education services. Presently, the company has offices nationwide, as well as a representative office in Shanghai, China. In short, CIIX uses web financial tutorials to educate Chinese how to pick the stocks and/or the securities in which they would like to select their money.

Financialwise, CIIX does not seems to be doing fine. In fact, the company closed the annual periods ended May 31, 2011 and May 31, 2010 with net losses of $745K and $546K, respectively. In addition, CIIX incurred a net loss of $309K for the quarter ended Nov. 30, 2011. That is why, CIIX has a long way to go before turning profitable.

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