Kaloyan Gadzhev

Bioflamex Corp. (OTC:BFLX) Skyrockets

by Kaloyan Gadzhev March 7, 2012

The two promoting sites disclose different compensations; one - $20 thousand and the other $32 thousand ($52 thousand combined - 5 times the latest total current assets reported by BFLX). At the same time, the bodies of the mails are verbatim copies.

Both promoters claim they have "predicted" the performance of BFLX, but we hadn't received any other emails on BFLX before these.

After the session BFLX issued another press release about negotiations with a potential agent. This time for Malaysia and Indonesia.

Yesterday's events have pumped up the market cap of BFLX to about $48 million, which may prove too high even if BFLX were to ever deliver on its boastful sales projections. Still, it seems traders aren't concerned with the condition of the company itself.

8BFLX_logo.jpgIt will be interesting to observe what happens with BFLX today. The promotions could push the price even further up, although without further business developments BFLX may struggle keeping even a fraction of the price increase.

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