Nelly Shishkova

Convenience TV Inc. (OTC:CRPZ) Flies Up Progressively

by Nelly Shishkova November 8, 2010

The latest news about Convenience TV came up on Oct 20, regarding a recent analysis that suggested a positive outlook for its Out Of Home advertising sector. Before that, the company reported new distributing agreement, however, the news couldn't make CRPZ stock price increase.

Over the past days, the share price of Convenience TV has been rising up, though, the financials of the company are disappointing. According to the results, CRPZ has no budget to maintain its operations, despite the efforts to push its stock price up.

Convenience TV generated no revenues and it has $10k in tangible assets vs. over $5 million market cap, which means that if CRPZ doesn't find a way to raise capital the expenses may be fatal for the company's future.

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