Kaloyan Gadzhev

Get Real USA, Inc. (PINK:GTRL) More Actively Pumped for Tuesday

by Kaloyan Gadzhev March 13, 2012
GTRL_chart.pngGet Real USA, Inc. (PINK:GTRL, GTRL message board) had a cheap promotion yesterday and closed up. Today there are at least two more promoters joining in with relatively high compensations.

Despite the meager $1,500 compensation, yesterday's promotion probably had something to do with GTRL stock closing up 29.87% at 10 cents per share. The volume of approximately 488 thousand was no record, but still higher than the average.

Another reason for the positive performance was a press release about the official launch of the web site of GTRL's music division.

The promoters stepping in today were compensated $8.5 thousand and $20 thousand respectively. One of the promoters opens with "Get real? More Like... Get Actual."

The email shows a chart of the recent performance of GTRL stock, and it doesn't look bad. In the interest of getting actual, however, the fundamentals behind the stock aren't all that solid.

GTRL is a relatively young company and hasn't generated revenue. It's latest financial report showed the company had no cash and $120 in investment in wholly-owned subsidiary to account for its total assets.

Keeping that in mind, the market cap of nearly $23 million could be significantly higher than what shareholders are getting.

Nevertheless, if by some chance GTRL manages to take a foothold in the movies, music and gaming industries, shareholders may get something, but at this point it seems like an uphill struggle for GTRL, mildly put.

GTRL_logo.pngGTRL may not look like a solid long-term investment at the moment, but for today the promotions could add some activity to the market performance of GTRL.

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