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Premier Beverage Group Corp. (PINK:PBGC) Gets Pumped Up by Stock Alerts

by Nelly Shishkova March 20, 2012
Yesterday, Premier Beverage Group Corp. (PINK:PBGC) hit a phenomenal gain. Just for the day the stock added 55.56% to its PBGC_chart.pngprice, while its traded volume totaled 1.4 million shares.

The most reasonable explanation on the climb appears to be the latest news by PBGC.

Last Friday, the company announced that OSO Beverages has been chosen as a sponsor for the 2012 ISES Sustainability Summit. In addition, Premier Beverage reported that it was accounting for the merger as a recapitalization, which immediately attracted investors' attention.

Just when PBGC grabbed the up move, the company decided to secure the gain by promotions. The stock alerts started yesterday and continued today for a total compensation of $15,000 by now. Whether it will be enough to push PBGC higher will be seen any minute.

Premier Beverage Group is a holding company that, through its subsidiary OSO Beverages, owns, develops, markets and distributes functional beverages. Unfortunately, the company's last 10-Q does not look reliable at all.

On the contrary, as of September 30, 2011 current liabilities of PBGC were substantially higher than its current assets and net loss was uncovered. At the same time, both the stockholders' deficit and the company's deficit jumped up.

Premier_Beverage_Group.jpgDue to the incurred losses and accumulated deficit, the financial statements of Premier Beverage contemplate continuation of the company as a going concern.

The management claims that further losses are anticipated and there can be no assurance that PBGC will be able to achieve or maintain profitability. However, they do not have any commitments for financing.

On the other hand, the issuances of additional equity securities by the company may result in dilution in the equity interests of current stockholders, and the business may be adversely affected.

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