Kaloyan Gadzhev

The Potential Rebirth of Ariel Way, Inc. (PINK:AWYI)

by Kaloyan Gadzhev March 29, 2012
8AWYI_chart.pngIn the last several sessions Ariel Way, Inc. (PINK:AWYI) has been traded more actively. Yesterday the stock got a new 52-week volume high. AWYI is apparently planning to reemerge.

Yesterday, AWYI issued a press release announcing the "re-launch" of its website. At the end of the day AWYI closed up 33.33% at $0.0012 on 242 million shares.

Earlier this month, on Mar. 6, there was another press release announcing a letter to shareholders from Arne Dunhem, CEO of AWYI. The same press release had been previously published on Feb. 29. Both times the market reaction was limited.

In addition to the press release, another event was a factor for the market performance. Mr. Dunhem had a chat with interested people in a chat room on the website of AWYI.

While Mr. Dunhem has stated plans to bring the company back to life in the letter, in the press releases and during the chat there are a lot of questions to be answered still. One of them concerns the filing of necessary documents, and providing financial data.

AWYI_logo.jpgAt this point, not much is certain other than the plans of AWYI's management to become profitable and transparent - plans and promises made by many a pink sheets company. It will be interesting to see whether AWYI manges to deliver.

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1. Guest
April 04, 2012, 03:37PM

Quotes look for three more press releases this year all coming soon and back to back ...it seems like they have a pattern in this respect

2. Guest
March 29, 2012, 09:25AM

Quotes I have been in this stock for a few years and this sudden influx of buying on fluff news seems strange. Do not get me wrong, I would love to see this stock take off and make some nice coin. But, the whole aspect of having financials with the auditors for over 15 months, aquiring new businesses without paying off the ruthless YA-Global seems a bit strange. It seems to me this company does not hav their priorities straight. But who am I to judge the actions of a CEO? They run businesses for a living, not me. Regardless, I feel that with the right news this stock will really take off. Golden cross has just formed and the temperature is just right for the perfect storm.

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