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Tidal Promowave Hits Water Technologies Intl (PINK:WTII)

by Martin Tsvetkov March 30, 2012
WTII_chart.pngScarcely a couple of hours have passed since a brand-new promotion on Water Technologies Intl (PINK:WTII) reached our database and the effort has already born fruit - WTII has already gained 12% in the first 8 minutes of the current session.

Yesterday, WTII closed trade at $0.0895 per share, down 3.76% from its previous close. Approximately 1 million shares changed hands. Yet, WTII's performance was nowhere near its Monday run when it surged by 30% shifting a total of 9.8 million, its second highest turnover for the last six months. Thus, it is clear that whatever drove WTII stock crazy that day was not strong enough to keep it up.

WTII_logo.jpgNot surprisingly, third parties have now allocated $75 thousand to raise awareness about WTII. In fact, WTII was also heavily promoted in early-February when market players joined forces to embark on a huge promotion worth $167,500, i.e more than twice as high as the current campaign. What happened was that WTII opened at $0.151, peaked at $0.155 and closed at $0.123 losing 9% in comparison with its previous close. That is why, in case you intend to capitalize on the current pump-and-dump effort, you must be well aware of its potential in order to avoid being disappointed in the end.

WTII finished the 2011 fiscal year period with:

  • cash reserves of $4,821 vs. $1 a/o Dec. 31, 2010;
  • working capital deficit of $192K vs $177K incurred in the preceding year;
  • sales revenue of $5,660 vs no revenue generated in 2010;
  • annual net loss of $647 thousand, up 375% on an annual basis.

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