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Caution: Green Endeavors, Inc. (PINK:GRNE) Promoted One More Time

by Martin Tsvetkov April 2, 2012
0GRNE_chart.pngGreen Endeavors, Inc. (PINK:GRNE) has been promoted. Again. However, if you intend to capitalize on it, you had better familiarize yourself with what GRNE did the last time it was pumped.

Last night, a promotional email reached our database stating that promoter has received $7,000 for a one-off advertising campaign in support of GRNE. For the record, that same promoter performed the same action on Feb. 24 when it performed the same services against compensation of $6 thousand paid by the same third party. As a result, GRNE slumped by 22.22%. What followed then was another promotion worth $3 thousand, again with a fairly limited impact.

GRNE closed last week's trade at $0.0004, up 33% from its previous close, on a volume of 36.5 million, slightly above the daily average turnover. Thus, GRNE remained dangerously close to the absolute zero on the pink sheets. Unless the company comes up with something positive to share in the near future, it will either linger in the triple zeros, or undergo a reverse split.

Because, although GRNE announced a seven-year lease last Friday, the news did not sound convincing enough since GRNE only gained a single pip in value.

4GRNE_logo.jpgThe company's financial condition has barely changed for the last few quarters. In fact, GRNE's working capital gap still resides at around $1.2 million. The company's total debt currently amounts to $4.4 million, while the stockholders' equity is a negative figure. At least, the company realized net profit of $24 thousand for the third calendar quarter of 2011. Nevertheless, it will take much more to overcome the liquidity crisis the company has found itself in.

Comments 2

1. hudconsult
April 04, 2012, 10:42PM

Quotes Your article also failed to mention that on the day of the promotion GRNE stock traded over 320,000,000 shares which constituted most of the freely tradeable float.

2. hudconsult
April 04, 2012, 10:40PM

Quotes Your article incorrectly states that GRNE's price slumped by 22% on February 24th as a result of a promotion. Earlier in February prior to the promotion the price of the security was as low as $.0002. THe day of the promotion GRNE hit a high of $.0012. On February 24th, the closing price was $.001 or 500% above its low earlier in the month. On April 4, 2012, the stock closed at $.0006.

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