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Cephas Holding Corp. (PINK:CEHC) Touted for Monday

by Kaloyan Gadzhev April 9, 2012
4CEHC_chart.pngThe performance of Cephas Holding Corp. (PINK:CEHC, CEHC message board) has been set up for an active session today. Over the holidays CEHC has appeared in a number of paid posts and a promotion.

On Mar. 27 CEHC had a promotional gain which was followed by a drop closer to the $0.40 lever. Then on Thursday CEHC closed up 26.32% at $0.48 on a little over 25 thousand shares.

According to the disclosure, today's promotion is more expensive than the one on Mar. 27. The promoter was compensated $20 thousand by DMS Consulting for one day of service.

CEHC has been around for years, but it didn't do too well. The latest available financial report showed the company has $95 in cash, total current assets of just $36 thousand, while the total current liabilities amounted $6.1 million as at September 30, 2011.

Recently the company completed its restructuring which included a 250 for 1 reverse split. In recent press releases CEHC claims to have an equity interest in an association of modeling agencies- The Network Talent, LLC.

The Network Talent is the subject of a reality series called "Remodeled". Both the promotion and the paid posts in iHub concentrate on the reality series as a source of potential for CEHC. However, the equity interest is 10%, and the idea for a fashion reality show isn't anything new on the market.

2CEHC_logo.pngCEHC will be late filing it's 10-K and the information about the financial situation at the company is limited. Nevertheless, the promotion and other activities aimed at pumping the price for today could bear some fruit. It may be an interesting day for CEHC.

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