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All American Pet Company, Inc. (PINK:AAPT) Gains Massively

by Nelly Shishkova April 10, 2012
All American Pet Company, Inc. (PINK:AAPT) has been on the massive trade since last week. Yesterday, the stock added AAPT_chart.pnganother 20% to its price, while trading over 8 million shares on the market.

Until yesterday, there was no reasonable explanation on the progressive move, though today the gain looks easier to be explained.

Yesterday, AAPT reported that they would open an operational headquarters, manufacturing and warehouse facility in Shawnee, Kansas, planning to add more than 80 new employees.

The growth of the company and its future plans might certainly hold the current up move of AAPT for longer. Though, it is more interesting how far the stock will go.

All American Pet Company, Inc. is a public company which produces, markets, and sells dog food under several brand names. Last month, the company announced its latest product, the alcohol-free PAWTIZER(TM), designed to kill bacteria and germs on dogs paws to protect both dogs and people looking after them.

AAPT_logo.jpgAAPT is no longer a regular SEC filer and the last 10-K form, which the company filed was for the annual period ended Dec. 31, 2010. Since that time, no data on the company's financial condition has been revealed.

In any case, the results for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2010 were discouraging:

* $114 in cash

* working capital deficit of $3.1 million

* total net loss of $7.4 million.

Based on these numbers, the future operation of AAPT is hard to be predicted.

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