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Gamma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PINK:GMPM) Pumped by Cohen

by Kaloyan Gadzhev April 11, 2012
GMPM__chart.gifToday Gamma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PINK:GMPM, GMPM message board) has captured the attention of David Cohen and his promoting newsletters.

Research Driven Investor (RDI) disclosed $40 thousand paid by a third party, BCC, Inc.; another newsletter, OTCtipReporter.com, was then paid $10 thousand by RDI to pump GMPM too.

The stock of GMPM has been somewhat illiquid lately. The company itself is not what most traders would call transparent.

GMPM claims to be in the business of marketing and product formulation, with its focus on alternative delivery systems for health and wellness.

A major problem is that the company doesn't provide the needed information about its operations and affairs. Back in June of last year, GMPM claimed in a press release that one of the top priorities of the management was to become current with Audit and SEC filings; 10 months later GMPM is still on the OTC Pink No Information tier.

3logo.gifThe company hasn't filed anything with the SEC since September 16, 2011 when it filed an 8-K about the departure of one of its directors. The most recent financial report dates even further back to September 30, 2009.

The lack of information doesn't make money irrelevant, and the pumpers readily present GMPM as an investment opportunity. That alone may be enough to have a profound effect on trading today.

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