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Takedown Entertainment, Inc. (OTC:TKDN) Builds Momentum, New Promo On the Way

by Martin Tsvetkov April 11, 2012
6TKDN_chart.pngYesterday, Takedown Entertainment, Inc. (OTC:TKDN) put on what seems to be one of its best recent market performances unleashing a brand-new paid advertising campaign in support of TKDN today.

Closing trade at $0.026, TKDN edged up $0.0059, or 29.35% in comparison with its previous close. More than 250 thousand shares changed hands, up 54% from the daily average trading volume for the last 30 days.

Today, half an hour into the session, TKDN has already shot up 34% and shifted in excess of 1.1 million shares of common stock. Obviously, this is due to the newly launched paid promotion worth a total of $21 thousand which commenced last night flooding investors' mailboxes with advertising emails.

TKDN's last few positive movements occurred after the company hit a six-month low of $0.013 per share on Apr. 2. In this respect, TKDN struck back before hitting the oversold zone as indicated by the RSI.

3TKDN_logo.jpgProvided that the promotional campaign continues to boost the market value of TKDN in the next few hours, the company's shares could stand a great chance of crossing the MA(50) line. If such a scenario should occur, it could signal the beginning of a new upward trend for TKDN.

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