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AER Energy Resources, Inc. (PINK:AERN) Got Promoted Again

by Violeta Slavtchevska April 12, 2012
AER Energy Resources, Inc. (PINK:AERN, AERN message board) got featured in a paid promotional newsletter last night, which is all of the news related to the company over the last couple of weeks. As the previous promotion about a month ago did not have much of success, the prospects for the new one are not that favorable either. AERN.png

Yesterday AERN closed the session with a 13.16% decrease in the share price at $0.0033 while the trading volume was higher than the average with 18.5 million traded shares. Technically, AERN closed the market at a level of support and a bottom for the last two months. Thus, it looks like the new promotion may not succeed in raising the share price that much.

The promotional e-mail came yesterday evening and recommended the stock as a "HUGE potential bounce play". The e-mail did not say anything about the company apart from mentioning it is in the business of acquiring oil properties in the US and internationally. For that trading alert the promoter received $7,500 as compensation from a third party.AER_Energy_Ressources.jpg

What speaks even worse than the promotions for the long-term performance of AERN is its financial and operational state. At the end of last year, the company had $1.2 million in total assets and only $192,000 in cash. Net revenue for the entire year was $28,720, while the operating expenses were almost $422,000. All that suggest AERN deserves the low market value that investors have assigned to it so far.

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1. Guest
April 18, 2012, 12:43PM

Quotes Amazing, looks like someone actually gets to spend $$ to make $$ and OIL is the one and only commodity that "DOES MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND"....EXCELLENT COMMENT.

2. Guest
April 12, 2012, 09:57AM

Quotes I think you need to do your homework once again Violeta. AERN might not have much cash but with a 10 million dollar credit from a major bank, Used Motor oil deals from MAJOR car dealers such as GM, Ford and other major car manufacturers , making deals left and right to acquire existing shallow oil wells and many other deals related to OIL. This is a start up company with huge potential and talking about how AERN has paid promotions?? Though the only time it releases news is through market wire where is the promotion in that? I think your just getting paid for every article you right with half your homework done. Next make the article more neutral and show both sides of the story than just one.

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