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Promoted Caduceus Software Systems Corp. (OTC:CSOC) Soars 320%

by Martin Tsvetkov April 26, 2012
4CSOC_chart.pngIf you keep a watchful eye on promoted stocks, then you cannot have missed Caduceus Software Systems Corp. (OTC:CSOC) as it has now officially become a promoters' favourite. That is why, when we got the latest alert on CSOC stock on Tuesday afternoon, it did not take us by surprise.

Two days ago, CSOC unleashed a series of press releases about the high potential of the global electronic health records market. As it turned out, the latest promotion in support of CSOC capitalized on the news. As a result, CSOC skyrocketed on Tuesday closing trade at a five-week high of $0.0139 per share, up 320% from its previous close. With more than 87.2 million shares changing hands, CSOC also scored a six-month record volume, almost 19 times higher than the daily average trading volume.

9CSOC_logo.jpgOccupying the health information management industry, Caduceus Software Systems Corp. is primarily focused on the development of an all-in-one solution for doctors. At present, the company has set its eyes on the electronic health records market to both improve patient care and reduce health care expenses.

Even though CSOC appears to have focused its attention on a potentially lucrative market, it does not mean that traders will take it seriously. Untill CSOC continues to regularly pop up in paid pumping efforts, it will hardly embark on a long-term uptrend.

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