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GreenCell, Inc. (OTC:GCLL) Is Ready to Climb Up Again

by Nelly Shishkova April 26, 2012
GreenCell, Inc. (OTC:GCLL) is moving down this week. Yesterday, the stock lost the next 3.57% of its price, while its traded GCLL_chart.pngvolume remained substantially high. However, GCLL looks ready to cut off the loss by well-known strategies - promotions and news.

The stock got promoted by a few different promoters yesterday for a total compensation of $25,000. Along with the GCLL alerts, the company has just announced the development of several overseas based suppliers for its rare earth material demands, in order to attract higher attention.

The latest promotions, accompanied by the positive news certainly might break up the current downtrend for GCLL. The result is just a matter of time to be seen.

GreenCell, Inc develops gas appliance igniters, oxygen sensors, fuel cells, and brake pad products that operate in the home device, automotive, heating and cooling, and medical industries. In December last year, the company used to trade approximately three times higher than at present. However, since that time the stock price has moved down to $0.27 per share.

GCLL_logo.JPGAnd while GreenCell tries hard to pump up its stock price as usual, its latest 10-Q report would hardly inspire investors. As of December 31, 2011, GCLL reported:

* $6,388 current assets
* $360,020 current liabilities
* $101,019 net loss
* $nil revenue

Based on these numbers, one can assume that GreenCell will need much more than promotions and optimistic news to become profitable.

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