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Goliath Film and Media Holdings (OTC:GFMH) Froze Up for a Day

by Nelly Shishkova April 26, 2012
Stock price of Goliath Film and Media Holdings (OTC:GFMH) froze up. After a 28.57% loss on Tuesday, yesterday GFMH closedGFMH_chart.png the day at $0.15 per share and its traded volume flew up.

Today, the situation for GFMH might look different, influenced by series of promotions and hot news.

A couple of days ago, Goliath reported that it has acquired the distribution rights to the full length feature film Marina Murders.

Yesterday, the positive announcement was followed by another piece of news. According to it, GFMH has appointed the NBA legend AC Green as director of the company's Educational Division.

The news has not influenced GFMH stock price yet, though in case it is not enough promotions could make a difference.

GFMH has been promoted since yesterday and the compensation for the campaign reached $170,000 so far. Whether the promotions will pump up the stock price should be seen any minute.

Goliath Film and Media International Incorporated has been structured to become a leading force in the global entertainment industry. Last month, the company filed its 10-Q report. However, it did not seem positive at all.

As of January 31, 2012 GFMH has registered:

* $22,096 total assets
* $31,700 total liabilities ($19,000 of these long-term)
* $55,141 net loss
* $nil revenue

Goliath_logo.gifHaving in mind these results, as well as the negative stockholders' deficit and accumulated deficit, the going concern status of Goliath is easy to be explained.

In order to continue operations, the company will need, among other things, additional capital resources. GFMH plans to obtain such resources by obtaining capital from management and significant shareholders sufficient to meet its minimal operating expenses and seeking equity and/or debt financing. However, they cannot provide any assurances that Goliath will be successful in accomplishing any of its plans.

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