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Sky Power Solutions Corp. (OTC:SPOW) Continues the Gain on Promotions?

by Nelly Shishkova May 3, 2012
Sky Power Solutions Corp. (OTC:SPOW) has been jumping up and down during the last days. After a 33.47% loss on Monday, SPOW_chart.pngyesterday the stock got back on track by soaring 24.24% and trading over 34 thousand shares on the market. So, what's next today?

Judging by the latest events around Sky Power, it looks like the stock may hold the gain for longer this time. Especially when the company gets supported by news and promotions.

Yesterday, Sky Power reported that it has filed for a patent for breakthrough heat dissipation technology. The technology is said to combine two components into one unit thereby enhancing the overall operation and function of the stand alone device.

The news sounds good enough to pump up SPOW stock price, though there is another factor that can influence it even more. Namely, promotions.

The campaign started yesterday and it's still on today, worth $12,000 so far. Currently, the alerts continue and it's interesting what the result will be.

Sky_Power.jpgSky Power Solutions Corp. engages in developing rechargeable lithium ion batteries for power production in the United States. Historical data shows that promotions have been a regular PR strategy of the company, which has spent impressive amount of money for the stock alerts.

Unfortunately, the last 10-Q report of SPOW was not encouraging at all. As of January 31, 2012 the company had $56.000 in current assets and $2.4 million in current liabilities. In addition, SPOW has not had any revenue since inception and the company's cash totaled zero.

In other words, at this point apart from promotions, Sky Power has nothing else to rely on.

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