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Energy Edge Technologies Corporation (PINK:EEDG) Flies Up at Full Speed

by Nelly Shishkova May 4, 2012
This month, Energy Edge Technologies Corporation (PINK:EEDG) has been flying up at full speed. The massive trade started 4EEDG_chart.pngon April 30 and since then the stock has been surging up every day.

Yesterday, EEDG added the next 61.54% to its price, while trading over 2 million shares on the market. But what's the reason for the shocking gains? Apparently, the latest news by Energy Edge.

In end-April, the company reported that it was about to reap huge dividends from its engagement of Green Giant Venture Fund, a leading broker in the global carbon credits market. The announcement also stated that the revenues from the pending sales are expected to reach $700,000.

Being reported, the news attracted investors' attention and EEDG stock price grabbed the climb at once. In a couple of days, another announcement by Energy Edge reported that the company has entered into a national distribution agreement with Energy Control Equipment, Inc.

The news encouraged traders even more, however, it seems that the uptrend is about to continue today, this time fueled up by promotions.

EEDG_logo.jpgEEDG got promoted early this morning by Wall Street Stallions. The compensation for the campaign is unknown, though it involved no third party meaning that Energy Edge has ordered the promotion by itself.

Unfortunately, the company's annual report cannot support its positive announcements. Filed with delay, the 10-K is full of risk factors and uncertainties related to its business operations and common stock.

Apart from the fact that Energy Edge will need additional cash to fund its operations, the management claims that FINRA has adopted sales practice requirements which may also limit a stockholder's ability to buy and sell EEDG stock.

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