Kaloyan Gadzhev

Abot Mining Co. (PINK:ABOT) Pumped Again

by Kaloyan Gadzhev May 10, 2012
6ABOT_chart.pngAbot Mining Co. (PINK:ABOT, ABOT message board) is featured in a promotion again. Previous promotions didn't do much except bring crashes in the price of ABOT stock.

Yesterday ABOT closed down 6.82% at $0.0082 on approximately 144 thousand shares. Over the past several months the stock has been losing value with very few exceptions, and now it's trading at a third of what it was worth back in early February.

The promoter touting ABOT disclosed a compensation of $19.5 thousand from a third party which happens to be a promoter too. The pump mails don't give much of a reason why anyone should be interested in ABOT, other than saying there may be other newsletters profiling ABOT in the coming days.

ABOT is a risky play at best. The company hasn't been particularly transparent with its filings and bears the Stop sign of the OTC Pink No Information tier.

Supposedly,ABOT_logo.png the company is engaged in exploration and development of precious metal properties. The lack of information, however, more than makes up for the attraction of the sector. Additionally, the president of ABOT, Imran Firoz, seems to have some stains on his record.

If anyone decides to play ABOT, they should be really careful and do their due diligence.

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