Nelly Shishkova

Sefe Incorporated (OTC:SEFE) Is Jumping Up and Down on News and Alerts

by Nelly Shishkova May 11, 2012
Lately, Sefe Incorporated (OTC:SEFE) has been jumping up and down all the time. After a day of a massive trade, the stock SEFE_chart.pngtook the way down with no particular explanation.

This week has been the same for SEFE - unpredictable. On Wednesday, the stock lost 8.51% on traded volume of over 4 million shares, and yesterday SEFE jumped up again. Keeping the same high volume, the stock soared 4.07% and attracted traders' attention again.

But what is more interesting about this situation turns out to be the fact that the recent price variations of SEFE have happened on stock alerts. These have come out constantly during the past few weeks, however, despite them the stock couldn't hold the gains for longer than a day.

SEFE was founded in 2008, with the notion that intellectual property can drive product solutions. Since the beginning of this month, the company has been regularly releasing positive statements on its business, which usually influenced its stock price.

SEFE_logo.pngThe latest one dates from May 9, when SEFE reported that it has filed for international protection on its intellectual property covering Strain Reduction on a Balloon System in Extreme Weather Conditions, Atmospheric Energy Collection, and Collection of Atmospheric Ions.

However, the company's last quarterly reports show that it has not generated any revenue yet. Instead, SEFE has been incurring losses and experiencing liquidity crises every now and then.

Based on these facts, it seems that lately SEFE has been relying mostly on news and promotions to pump up its stock price.

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1. Guest
May 26, 2012, 04:58AM

Quotes I have been trading SEFE for a while now. I got alerted well before the volume started to pick up and because of this I was able to score a nice profit a few times. The report helped me get a better understanding of the stock and its trends. It’s always best to know and understand the stock before you buy. Check it out at (Kindly, copy and paste the link in to your browser.)

2. Guest
May 14, 2012, 10:56AM

Quotes SEFE is a sad situation. Their idea is probably ahead of what can be done via generating income. If this company can come up with a way to harness and control the naturally occurring static potential between the Earth and the atmosphere, they will have done something special.

Investing in them for the long side of the equation is a gamble but one that has a large upside if they succeed. Meantime, the pump and dump crowd control the stock price for now. It will remain that way until and if something tangible emerges from SEFE.


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