Nelly Shishkova

Gamma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PINK:GMPM) Climbs Up Progressively

by Nelly Shishkova May 17, 2012
Gamma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PINK:GMPM) has been on the up move during the past days. Yesterday, the stock soared GMPM_chart.pnganother 14.36%, and its traded volume jumped up.

Nevertheless, it seems that Gamma is determined to fuel up the climb, this time by promotions.

The campaign was held yesterday and cost $20,000 in total. Apparently, the promotion aimed to pump up GMPM stock price, as the company had nothing else to do it.

The latest news by Gamma came up on 11 April, when the company reported the signing of a Distribution Agreement with Purchase Order for its 17-gram Gamma Energy GEL. The announcement was strongly supported by promotions, however, since that time no more news on GMPM was to follow.

Gamma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a marketing and product formulation company focused on alternative delivery systems for everyday health and wellness. The company does not file its financial reports with the SEC, thus the OTC Markets website has labeled it as a company with limited material information.

Gamma_logo.gifLast June, GMPM stated in a press release that one of the top priorities of its management was to become current with Audit and SEC filings. However, the company hasn't filed anything with the SEC since September 16, 2011 when it filed an 8-K about the departure of one of its directors.

Currently, the most recent financial report of Gamma dates from September 30, 2009 and investors have no other data to rely on.

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