Kaloyan Gadzhev

Gold Dynamics Corp. (PINK:GLDN) Ready for another Pump?

by Kaloyan Gadzhev May 22, 2012
6GLDN_chart.pngBack in February Gold Dynamics Corp. (PINK:GLDN, GLDN message board) had a pump campaign which led to a couple of high-gain sessions, but for those who didn't see the drop coming it meant a whole lot of losses. Another pump is coming today.

Yesterday GLDN closed up 32.89% at $0.0299 on a relative low volume of 81 thousand shares. The price increase could look suspicious, since there was nothing to prompt such a move.

A press release did come out but that was much later. It concerned the Hoyle North property. Gary Kirk, CEO and President, had been on a five day visit on the site. One of the observations of Mr. Kirk was that the property is contiguous to a Goldcorp property.

If the property is so interesting, why hasn't Goldcorp acquired it. The gold giant, unlike GLDN, has more than enough money to fund exploration and, if need be, acquisitions.

The latest financial report of GLDN revealed the company was still in the development stage, and had no assets whatsoever. It's not quite clear how the company intends to pay for the option.

GLDN_logo.jpgTraders would be well advised to do their due diligence before deciding whether to go in on the $40 thousand pump or not.

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