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Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. (PINK:COLV) To Receive a Promotional Syringe

by Martin Tsvetkov May 31, 2012
3COLV_chart.pngThe last two sessions could hardly be deemed successful for Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. (PINK:COLV). The sub-penny remained stuck at $0.0087 per share. Will the new press release-promotion combo pack change things for the better, though?

Indeed, a brand-new promotional email reached our database yesterday evening urging traders to put COLV on their radars. The sender reported to have been compensated up to $60 thousand to perform this excercise. While it is too early to question the effect of this campaign, it does not change the fact that COLV shot up 54% only 12 days ago. Corporate news was nowhere to be seen. Neither were there any pump-and-dump efforts going on.

Earlier today, Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. published what seems to be its first official press release in six weeks. According to the update, COLV has now hired a former U.S. Army general as its new spokesman. The latter will be in charge of the advertising of COLV's revolutionary gun oil known as Lock & Load GCL set to hit shelves within the next few weeks.

1COLV_logo.jpgBesides the HITEK25 15W40 diesel motor oil, Lock & Load GCL is the company's second basic product. To market its products, Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. has set up an entire marketing company known as Revolution Products, Inc. However, COLV's website has, by the looks of it been down for quite a while now, thus barring the company from getting the most of its advertising tools.

When COLV published its latest quarterly report for the period ended Dec. 31, 2011, it revealed cash reserves of approx. $36 thousand, up 58% as opposed to the preceding quarter. In addition, the company's ARs have shot up 37% on a quarterly basis while its liabilities have more or less remained the same. Revenue-wise, COLV has underperformed by only raking in $42K vs. $120K generated in Q3 2011. Yet, how exactly these $42 thousand came to light has remained undisclosed as the company reported no cost of goods. Nor has it spent one red cent for R&D purposes.

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