Petar Ilievski

TAO Minerals Ltd.(PINK:TAON) Offers Another Opportunity for Huge Profits in a Day

by Petar Ilievski January 27, 2011

Now, apart from occasionally being the short-term investors` dream, TAO is also an enterprise of high uncertainty. The company was founded in 2004 and has not been able to show revenues since then. After six years, the most important effect of its operations is the accumulated deficit of $10.9 million. For the speculative investor, this is fine as long as the opportunity exists to make money by smart decisions over night. For the long-term investor, on the other hand, announcements about plans for acquisitions of new properties mean little, since results from past years indicate that the more profitable a project is announced to be, the worse the crash in stock price will follow after that. 

Tao Minerals is a gold exploration and minerals development company headquartered in Colombia. Due in part to the strong foreign investment climate in Colombia, the company has chosen to focus its energies on this highly promising and traditionally overlooked region. With property already secured in the region, Tao plans to acquire a majority interest in two additional properties in the region.

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